Westwoods BBQ Social Media & Photography

I’ve noticed that a lot of people ask my clients who does their social media.

I don’t normally post my clients because I work as a transparent partner that passes off my work as the clients.

But…as of late I have heard that other social media companies in the Fresno area have been claiming that they are responsible for the both the creative ideas and above average growth¬†on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. through professional photography (mine) and highly optimized search techniques and paid advertising channels.

So who do I represent?

Westwoods BBQ

Pismos Coastal Grill

Yosemite Ranch

The Standard

Pacific Martial Arts

I don’t work with just any company. I hand-pick my clients. Or they handpick me through negotiations and communications.

If you’d like to contact me to discuss your current campaign or you’ve been duped by another company passing off my work for theirs, give me a call at 559-458-3929.

Here’s some professional photography I’ve done for example: