Why Your Restaurant Needs To Be On Instagram

Instagram. It’s a restaurant owner’s playground on social media or at least it should be!

Your food is your product, you know this. And you should be marketing your product on extremely visual platforms online…

And the main social media platform you should use it Instagram.


Well, here is why:

  • Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform with 200 million users >>Tweet This<<
  • 37% of 18-29 year olds use Instagram >>Tweet This<<
  • 80%  growth in brand use of Instagram from 2012-2013 >>Tweet This<<
  • 6.5X higher engagement rate on Instagram than Facebook, G+, and Twitter…combined! >>Tweet This<<
  • 98% higher engagement rate on Linkedin when you cross-post your Instagram photo >>Tweet This<<
  • 30% engagement for images with real customers using products on Instagram >>Tweet This<<
  • 6% higher engagement with users when you post images to Instagram on Sunday >>Tweet This<<
  • 99% of engagements are “likes” on Instagram >>Tweet This<<
  • Indy 500 reached over 52 million people on Instagram & Twitter with their hashtag campaign >>Tweet This<<
  • Use phone numbers or unique link shorteners in photos on Instagram to track ROI >>Tweet This<<


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