Portraits. Weddings. Food. Events. Nightlife.

You know kids grow up waaay too fast, right? You blink and they are teens. Blink again and they’re off to college. Blink once more and you are a grandparent.

It’s sad but true.

Capture your children as they grow. Grab the leather bound photo albumn off the bookcase and flip through the page. First steps, bubble baths, sunset walks, playtime, dinner and lunch time.

You can now capture all these moments and freeze them in time. Ready for you to revisit when you are ready to.

Or maybe you’d like to remember your fairy-tale wedding in every exact detail as it happened. How you looked at your soul-mate for the first time that day. How hard it was to get that dang tie done right. How you felt walking down the isle just before you said ‘I do.”

Maybe your a business owner looking to showcase your products like they have never been seen before. No more snap low resolution pictures with your phone. You need I end shots of what and how you do business.

I like food. I like to eat food. I take pictures of food (sometimes so I can eat it) that you can use to display on your menu, Facebook page, or Instagram account.

No matter what kind of photography you are looking for you have come to the right place.

Welcome to Mikel Digital.

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