Blue Moon Party at Westwoods

Here is a series that I did for a local client. The founder of Blue Moon was in town visiting all the orange growers in central California that Blue Moon uses for its craft brews.

The inside of the restaurant had very limited light so I played off the streams that sun light that were coming in from the door and windows.

Most were shot at 1.8 // 1/60 // 600. I then retouched some in Photoshop to dial in the blacks and add a little clarity to the subjects.

blue-moon blue-moon-brett-hand blue-moon-bw-table blue-moon-founder blue-moon-glasses blue-moon-glasses-repeat blue-moon-perfect blue-moon-server-bartender blue-moon-seth-mama blue-moon-sharon-brett blue-moon-sign blue-moon-table blue-moon-threes blue-mooon-cheers